Young Writers' Workshop
An ongoing series of writing workshops for kids 

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Young Writers' Workshop is an ongoing series of workshops for children who love to write or who need to build confidence in writing.  

Writing is often keyed to reading in the classroom. This connection is vital, but what happens if the required reading does not interest the child? Writing can suffer. And facing a blank page in any subject can be intimidating for many students.  

In young writers' workshops, students write about personal experience, and they often complete writing assignments with a humorous twist. Students build confidence with the writing process in a relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere. 

What types of writing and lessons do we cover in the workshops?  

  • Solid paragraph structure 
  • Figurative language (using simile, metaphor, and personification)  
  • Experimenting with sentence length and variety 
  • Punctuating dialogue
  • Avoidance of run-on sentences
  • Persuasive, speculative, pro and con essay writing
  • Descriptive writing
  • Narrative writing
  • Picture prompts 
  • Writing from another perspective
  • Organization of ideas 
  • Vocabulary building 
  • We play word games! 
  • We have fun!


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